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Hey, Trouble!

If you get grossed out easily, go to another blog because I was inspired to share the following story by a Twitter follower from TOO Apparel who told me that TMI always makes her laugh. Sara, this one’s for you.

This story takes place in college, where all the really great (and by great, I mean horribly embarrassing) dating stories happen. Back in a time before I really fully appreciated what it meant to have standards; in men, hygiene, or anything else. Back in an era where all adventures were fueled by a mix of alcohol, hormones, and a hearty disrespect for consequences or repercussions. Those were the days.

It was the end of senior year, it may actually have been senior week (the week following the last day of finals but ending the day of graduation). I don’t remember exactly, because I’m pretty sure that week was actually a…

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My First Kiss

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 “I-I,” I stuttered, widening my eyes as I tripped backwards. My cheeks felt like they were so hot they could melt the sun. The guy that had his arms wrapped around Cayden grinned, cheekily looking back and forth between me and whom I presumed was his boyfriend—Cayden.

He opened his mouth to say something, but I spluttered out an apology and ran back to my house.

Drina smiled at me, cradling the house phone on her ear and held her hand over it. “Did you get the sugar?”

“He’s gay!” I blurted out, making her widen her eyes in confusion and mutter something in the phone. “The sexy new neighbour is gay, Drina. What will I do now?! How will I seduce him and marry him and get him to impregnate me?!”

She narrowed her eyes, the corners of…

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Cayden O’Donnell

My First Kiss

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Saturdays are amazing. It’s the day that you can rest after partying like an animal the night before. Yeah, Friday’s are pretty cool, but think about it. You just got out of school, tired, hungry and probably have homework.

Saturday? That’s the day you get to sleep in and wake up at 5pm and not get judge. Why? Because it’s Saturday! It should honestly be a sacred day in the calendar.

The day was beautiful outside. Birds were chirping, the temperature was around 75 degrees; not too and not too cold, just perfect. Kids were outside playing with their dogs. Yes their dogs and not phones!

You might say, wow that’s a miracle; but it’s not! In this small town of New Jersey, kids weren’t so influenced by technology and in my opinion it was bliss…

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